Carbon Portal Network Design workshop

27 June 2014, Amsterdam


Sponsored by ESF RNP TTorch & ICOS Finland


ICOS will soon officially start with 15 member countries and 3 observers. A large part of the current observational network network is envisaged to be starting point for the ICOS network. A large need has been identified for using (inverse) atmospheric transport models to (re)design and evaluate the atmospheric measurement network and for guidance when looking for potential new locations and to assess the potential of already planned new stations (e.g. from new members).

The focus of the workshop will be

  • Present the state of the art of atmospheric transport models in evaluation of in-situ observation stations depending on species and station specifics
  • Create the needed interaction between the involved measurement and modeling communities.
  • Identify the specific network design needs for the ICOS atmospheric (and ecosystem) network
  • Identify the weaknesses of current model systems and where and which observations and assimilation techniques can help
  • Develop ideas for setting up a network design service at the ICOS Carbon Portal through a selection of model systems

The ICOS European Research Infrastructure tracks greenhouse gas fluxes in Europe and adjacent regions by monitoring the ecosystems, the atmosphere and the oceans through integrated networks. It will provide the long-term observations required to understand the present state and predict future behavior of the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions. ICOS monitors and assesses the effectiveness of carbon sequestration and/or greenhouse gases emission reduction activities on global atmospheric composition levels, including attribution of sources and sinks by region and sector.

The ICOS Carbon Portal will provide a "one-stop shop" for ICOS data products. It is the place where all data produced within ICOS station network can be discovered and accessed and where the scientific community can post elaborated data products that are obtained from ICOS data. The Carbon Portal will provide easily accessible and understandable science and education products.

The workshop is organised by the ICOS Carbon Portal, hosted by Sweden at Lund University and The Netherlands, jointly with the InGOS project and the TTorch networking programme. Please find more detailed accomodation, workshop information and register on the special webpage. The workshop follows on the ICOS Monitoring Station Assembly meeting for Atmosphere.

Accomodation information and registration

Final Agenda of the meeting

Discussion document (by Ingeborg Levin)


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