Access Policy

European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures
In the context of the implementation of the European Research Area, this Charter sets out non-regulatory principles and guidelines to be used as a reference when defining access policies for research infrastructures, where is ICOS-NL part of.

This Charter promotes access to research infrastructures in order to conduct innovative research and development, to improve the related methods and skills in the workforce and to foster collaboration.

This Charter moreover promotes interaction with a wide range of social and economic activities, including, as appropriate, industry and public services, in order to maximise the return on investment in Research Infrastructures and to drive innovation, competitiveness and efficiency in terms of use of the scarce resources available.

Download the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures

Data Policy
ICOS Research Infrastructure (ICOS-RI) adopted the Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International license by decision of the General Assembly in April 2016. This ensures that all ICOS data is shared without restriction to everybody and that even redistribution is allowed, also for commercial purposes. We only request that users attribute to ICOS' data providers and use the citation provided by ICOS.

Download the full ICOS data access policy, drafted to comply with the charter.

ICOS-NL is part of the Dutch landscape of the Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure. ICOS-NL is the Dutch pillar under the ICOS-RI, a key ESFRI established in September 2015 with the Netherlands as founding member. ICOS-RI will independently verify the greenhouse gas (GHG) balance of Europe from a large network of coordinated GHG measurements, in support of (inter)national energy policies and climate agreements. Within ICOS-RI, ICOS-NL provides a set of unique GHG monitoring platforms across the highly GHG intensive Dutch landscape, as well as the “Carbon Portal” Central Facility for eScience. ICOS enables fast progress in the field of GHG science which is needed to understand the interactions between climate change and human society.

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