ICOS-nl launch event report
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The lectures held during the launch were given as follows:

Introduction - Prof. Dr. Han Dolman (VU-A, ICOS-nl coordinator)
Welcome - Prof. Dr. Hein Haak (KNMI Scientific Director)
ICOS and the role of VU-A in Science and Sustainibility - Prof. Dr. Bauke Oudega (Dean Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
ICOS Europe: infrastructure for carbon cycle observations - Dr. Jean Daniel Paris (CNRS- Paris)
Taking the Pulse of the planet - Dr. Jeremy Usher (Earth Networks Inc)
The ICOS-nl contribution to ICOS - Ir. Alex Vermeulen (ECN)
The ICOS-nl Carbon Portal: central for success - Prof. Dr. Maarten Krol (WUR/UU)

The event media footage can be seen and heard through the following links:

Nederland 1 national tv NOS evening news (prime-time!)
RTV Utrecht Local tv station news (7:14 - 9:40) (in Dutch)
Radio 1 national radio NOS broadcast (in Dutch) featuring Alex Vermeulenn & Maarten Krol
Radio 1 national radio Wakker Nederland broadcast (in Dutch)

A photo impression slide show can be found on this website.

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