Modelling the greenhouse gas emissions

The emissions of the greenhouse gases at all scales are still very uncertain, especially the regional scale. Our knowledge on the temporal and spatial variations is relatively poor. Observations can help in improving our knowledge and will allow us to improve and validate our process models. In order to be able to use the detailed information from atmospheric observations of concentrations and fluxes in the atmosphere we need very detailed atmospheric transport models and so called statistical inverse methods.
To give an impressions of the complex behaviour of greenhouse gas plumes in the atmosphere that we will sample you can view a graphic representations of the concentrations of carbon dioxide over the Benelux regions here. The model used was WRF-Chem V3.1, with a resolution of 5 km over Benelux nested within the main domain of Europe at 15 km resolution for the first 10 ays of June 2008. All input fluxes have been prepared at a resolution of 5 km and a time resolution of 1 hour. Fossil fuel fluxes were derived from Edgar V4, ocean fluxes from the updated Takahasi (2009) and biosphere fluxes from the FACEM vegetation model, using the CORINE landuse map.
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