MSA Atmosphere

ICOS Monitoring Station Assembly for Atmosphere


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The ICOS Monitoring Station Assembly [MSA] is the platform for the station PI's and technicians to exchange experiences and interact with each other and the Thematic Centers and Head Office. ICOS will have three MSA's: one for Atmospheric stations, one for the Ecosystem stations, and one for the oceanic observations.

Each of the MSA's selects a Representative and his substitute. This Representative takes part of the ICOS (Interim-)Research Infrastructure Committee [(I)RICOM], that manages ICOS affairs from day to day. In the (I)RICom furthermore the ICOS General Director, ICOS Carbon Portal director and representatives of the Central Facilities take part.

The Representative of the ICOS MSA Atmosphere currently is Alex Vermeulen (ECN, Netherlands), his substitute is Martin Steinbacher (EMPA, Switzerland). The Terms of Reference have been agreed upon at the first MSA Atmosphere meeting in Paris, November 2013.

The MSA Atmosphere meets at least annually to discuss all relevant issues. This year 2014 the meeting will take place in Amsterdam from 24-26 June. Please register before June 1 through the online form. This page also contains travel information and other meeting details.

You will find all material for the upcoming June 2014 MSA Atmosphere meeting in the meeting materials page.

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